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Dating Boys. Not Men.

I’m not sure why I have been attracted to younger men, or as I like to refer to them, boys, in the past year or so.  My two longer-term relationships were with boys three and four years younger than me, and now Jacob (Ski Crush or Bad Texter, depending on how you look at it) is a solid five years younger than me.  Does this mean that in a year from now I’ll be going out with guys who are six years younger than me?  Will I forever been doomed to date 21 and 22 year olds?

Anyway, Jacob and his four college friends were sitting at the back table at Christopher’s as I walked over to meet them.  As I sat down, I had to hold back laughter because no one at the table looked a day over 18.  Dating a younger guy is one thing.  Hanging out with his friends is another.  If I judged the guy sitting across from me solely on his baby-fresh skin and long curly hair, I would have estimated a recent high school graduation, not college.  Jacob’s friends had to be at least 21, though, since they showed the waitress their IDs.  They had to be, right?

It Begins

The group had graduated from college this past December or this past June, making the primary topic of conversation include junior year benders, shooting grain alcohol freshman year, graduation feeling like ‘yesterday’, the odd anomaly that they have one married friend, not having credit cards/savings accounts, and the fact that they hated going out in their area (Davis Square) because everyone there was ‘old’ i.e. between the ages of 23 and 25.

One of them asked me if I had just graduated as well, and I just laughed as I responded, “nope”.  I didn’t think it was completely necessary that I divulge exactly when I had graduated (a dramatic six years, as opposed to their six months).  Jacob, knowing full well that I was older, laughed at my response as well.  They were a very fun group, despite being so much younger.  At one point, we all toasted to “not being married,” which was the exact opposite of what my friends and I usually enjoy toasting to (engagements, weddings, and babies).  It was weird.

They were so fun, in fact, that one of Jacob’s friends (the one who Jacob drove down with to visit his girlfriend) took a clear interest in me.  Sitting across from me, he was fun to talk to while the rest of the group discussed favorite jello shot flavors, but I soon realized that he was flirting.  A lot.  I hoped that it was all in my head, and just post traumatic stress from this night.  However, when the evening was over, and we all parted ways, he asked for my phone number.  I said okay, but slyly walked away to ‘get my coat’ and never returned.  His girlfriend was standing no more than 100 feet from us, and he best college friend was clearly interested in me.  What was he going to do with my phone number?  Silly boys.

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I am a woman in my late twenties looking for love... or like... or a fun night out. Clearly, I have had adventures and misadventures in dating and after years of friends telling me to publish all of my hysterical stories on a blog, I'm doing it!

3 responses to “Dating Boys. Not Men.

  1. ooommmgggggg I went through the same phenomenon!!! After hours (read: months) or self eval, I realized (for me) there were two huge reasons: 1- I can turn my brain off and talk about jello shots and fantasy sports teams… they don’t demand depth to you and sometimes that is just plain refreshing. 2- younger guys love older women so they try harder! This phase lasted for a year with me… trying to move on, but GD they were a good time!!!!

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