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The Big Ones Turn Me On…

His was huge.  Bulging with thickness.  So impressive I couldn’t stop staring at it.  Once I spotted it, I couldn’t even speak.   The first page was typical: bad picture, name, birthday, expiration date, but after that it was unlike any passport I had ever seen.

So hot.

So hot.

With no less than eight stamps per page, he had at least thirty – possibly forty additional pages added to make room for the visas pasted throughout.  He’d spent six months in Myanmar, six in Thailand, six in countries I couldn’t even pronounce.  Each page’s stamps bragged:  France, Russia, China, New Zealand, Madagascar, Egypt, Pakistan, Germany, Peru, Chile, the list went on.

He laughed as I flipped through.  “You are so turned on right now, aren’t you?”

And, as he drove me home, I just said, “I wish I hadn’t seen that passport.”  He knew as much as I did that I’d never get him out of my head.  Shit.

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I am a woman in my late twenties looking for love... or like... or a fun night out. Clearly, I have had adventures and misadventures in dating and after years of friends telling me to publish all of my hysterical stories on a blog, I'm doing it!

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